Tesla Commands

As an interface to all things connected, Beecon has evolved from simple control of lights to a wider variety of supported devices and technologies, including infrared and Apple’s HomeKit. Now, in addition to all products and technologies supported so far, Beecon introduces the new member of its family of supported devices, and it's a large one.

In the same way that you can control smart devices, now you can control your Model S using the same features and actions that you’ve been using so far. The new commands allow you to lock, unlock, flash the lights, honk, charge and control the panoramic roof of your Model S using manual or automatic actions.

Getting started

Beecon connects securely and directly to the Model S' API at Tesla's servers, and your login details are only kept (encrypted) in the app. It uses the same protocols used by the Tesla app and other third-party Model S apps for iOS and Android (know more in the frequently asked questions below). To get things started, configure Beecon with the credentials of your MyTesla account in 3 simple steps:

Navitage to Beecon's settings and tap the new Tesla option

Enter your MyTesla username and password

Press Test settings to authenticate your login

If you don't plan to use keyless driving, choose not to save your password. Once everything is set, you will be able to choose the new Tesla actions, associate them with your iBeacons and regions or manually call them using your Apple Watch or the shortcuts in your notification center. If you have an Apple Watch, you can also call your Tesla actions using voice commands.

If you don't have a Model S or if you want to try the feature without entering your credentials, you can enable "demo mode" and enter any email and password to use the feature offline.

What can I do with it?

Beecon enables you to control a myriad of things manually or automatically. You can use the commands individualy or you can combine them with other manual or automatic actions.

Without opening apps or pressing buttons, you can choose to automatically unlock the doors and flash the lights of your Model S every time you get close to it. Every time you get away from it, you can define actions that automatically lock its doors or closes the roof top (in case it's open).

To expand the possibilities even further, you can integrate the commands with home automation systems or services like IFTTT. If you prefer things manually, actions can also be called using the shortcuts in your iOS Today View or Apple Watch. Everything in one single app - manually or automatically, depending on context, proximity, time or weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How my Tesla credentials and login details are used?

  • How to revoke Beecon's access to my vehicle and Tesla account?

  • Does Beecon store my credentials anywhere else other than the app itself?

  • I can't authenticate my credentials. It says they're not valid

  • What is demo mode and how does it work?

  • Which commands are available?

  • Does Beecon track my vehicle location or path?

  • Is this feature endorsed by Tesla?

  • What if someone steals my iPhone or Apple Watch?

  • Does it work with other Tesla models?

  • What if I have more than one Model S?

  • Which versions of Beecon offer Tesla Commands?

  • Know more about Beecon here or read the complete FAQ & Support page. Know more about Tesla and Model S at teslamotors.com or create a MyTesla account at my.teslamotors.com

    Privacy notice: Beecon only connects directly to your vehicle manufacturer’s servers via secure connection when sending login credentials and remote commands. No identifying information is transmitted anywhere else other than Tesla’s own servers, and no information is stored anywhere else other than in the app itself.

    Usage note: be careful when using the commands as they can lock and unlock your vehicle as well as control various functions related to its charging system, sun roof, lights, horn, and other remotely controlled features of the vehicle.

    Disclaimer: “Tesla” and “Model S” are trademarks owned by Tesla Motors, Inc. Beecon+ is in no way affiliated with Tesla Motors, Inc. Tesla Motors, Inc is not involved and did not endorse Beecon+ in the creation of this feature. Beecon+ uses the same interfaces (API) used by the official Tesla app, however, you are responsible for any changes to your car caused by using this app. Use of this app can change the settings on your car and the author of this app is not liable for any damages to you or your car in conjunction with the use of this app.

    Check Beecon+ latest version at the App Store.