Ever wondered if it was possible to backup and restore your Beecon settings? Wouldn't it be cool to replicate all your regions and beacons settings to other iOS devices without having to enter them again?

Sync allows iCloud backup and synchronization of all your settings (including actions, regions and beacons) and it also allows you to push settings updates to an ilimited number of users. Sync works seamlessly with Apple's new CloudKit API, and it keeps all your data completely and solely inside Apple's iCloud ecosystem.

Sync also enables activity notifications within groups of users. By sharing an unique token, two or more users can notify each other of events and actions called manually or automatically. Each user can define its own ID, which can be used for external system integration or simply as device name.

Single or Multiple Users

Sync can be used by a single user who just wants to backup and restore the app settings (even if you delete the app and reinstall it later) or it can also be used to deploy group or corporate automation applications. Users get notified whenever there are changes made on the preferences stored on iCloud and other devices can get updated with a replica of the settings uploaded by the primary user. Beecon Sync also allows you to define custom user IDs that are automatically passed if you have URL actions calling a private server or database.

Share Quickly and Easily

Besides allowing you to securely backup your automation settings, Sync also allows you to share settings with other users. For example, if you're a teacher demonstrating how iBeacons and automation work together, you can share your Sync token and password with your students and instantly update their apps with the scheme defined by you, which includes iBeacon and region names, colors, alerts, actions and much more. The range of applications goes beyond the classroom. Sync can be used by groups of people, families, teams or companies using iBeacon technology integrated with enterprise solutions.

Encrypted and Safe

Before going through iCloud's 128-bit AES encrypted channels (in transit and on Apple's servers), Beecon also pre-encrypts your settings using another 256-bit layer of AES encryption and keeps them safe with iCloud's additional layer of encryption. If you choose to remember your password, it's also encrypted before it is saved in your device.

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