• It's ridiculously hot outside. When you arrive home, all you want is to feel glacial winds blowing as soon as you unlock the door. Sometimes you're carrying groceries and you would wish you had 3 hands. If you have a Nest thermostat, Beecon URL actions let you to control it via IFTTT. If you have a regular/old aircon, Beecon also allows you to learn and call functions of infrared remote controls. All you need is an <a href='http://www.globalcache.com/products/itach/models2/' target='new'>iTach</a><sup>tm</sup> infrared module and one iBeacon. It's summer time
  • You're an overzealous parent and always caring about your loved ones. Because you're not at home sometimes, knowing that your kids have left or arrived home is not only comforting, but also a way to take quick actions if something seems unusual. Make a deal with them - ask for their permission to install Beecon in their iPhones. Activate <a href='../sync.html' target='new'>Sync</a> and define notifications that other devices will receive whenever anyone arrives or leaves your predefined GPS or iBeacon regions. Are the kids back home?
  • Auntie Carol is super cool - she always remembers to check your Facebook posts using her phone, but she always forgets other things... Sometimes you too need to get reminded of important things when you leave or arrive home. If good memory is a problem, Beecon allows you to listen to spoken reminders when you arrive or leave places based on GPS location or iBeacons. Don't forget the milk
  • Have you ever lost a wallet or keys? If you haven't, you've probably left them behind once or twice. Locksmith charges and hours that you waste waiting outside can be regretful to say the least. iBeacons come in all shapes and sizes so small that allow you to use them as a keychain or even inside your wallet. If you're the one who's always leaving wallets or keys behind, stick a small beacon to your belongings and get notified when they get far from you. Where's the key?
  • Either if you're a control freak kind of boss or a team of moving people that needs to know who has arrived and who has left, Beecon can help you keeping track of people, assets or things. Besides its native support to smart devices such as lamps and switches, Beecon also allows you to connect to servers or systems using POST or GET URL calls. With <a href='../sync.html' target='new'>Sync</a>, you can  define user IDs and share automation and notification settings across an unlimited number or users or devices. Check-in & check-out
  • Not long ago, everyone used to check in places like restaurants or businesses. Using Beecon, you can check in your bike, skateboard, hover board or car. If you move with style, you might as well let your social media buddies know what you're doing. If you're not the show off kind of person, you can automatically launch the music app when you jump on your bike or get in your car. Daily ride
  • Assistive technologies like text-to-speech and speech recognition greatly empower the visually impaired ones. Yet, when combined with context and proximity, such technologies become even more powerful and useful for those with physical disabilities. Beecon <a href='../when-ibeacons-talk.html' target='new'>spoken alerts & actions</a> were created with that in mind; to empower and help the visually impaired ones by helping them find objects, automatically control home appliances or simply guide them through spaces with the aid of audible messages. Visually impaired
  • Three things scare drone owners the most: running out of battery, hitting someone or crashing/losing the equipment. Even worse when it falls in the middle of nowhere without any power left. If you don't have a team of people to help searching for it when it falls in the woods, you can shorten your search by simply sticking a lightweight iBeacon tag to it. Drone is gone
To know more about Beecon and other possibilities that iBeacons enable you to do at home, outdoors or at work, check some of the applications and tutorials below or visit the app website to learn more about all its features.

Three Laws of Vacuuming
Integrate your Roomba robot with home automation systems using WiFi and infrared
Beecon+ with Voice Commands
Automatically or manually control your devices using Beecon on your Apple Watch
Tesla Commands
Automate and control your Tesla Model S using iBeacons or manual actions.
When iBeacons Talk
See how Beecon can help the visually impaired with contextual spoken alerts
Control Anything
Control not-so-smart home appliances using Beecon and infrared technology
Beecon Sync
Securely backup and share Beecon's settings across multiple devices or users
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