Automate and control things manually or automatically based on location, proximity, temperature, weather and more. Get Beecon or Beecon+ with voice commands for your Apple Watch.

New Tesla Commands


Easy to use

The home screen gives you instant access to actions, lights and reminders. Shortcuts to your actions can be placed on your Today Screen and Apple Watch.



The radar tells the estimate distance of your iBeacons. Turn on smart bulbs, call URLs and even control infrared appliances based on how distant you are from them.


Create regions

Transform your home, office, car or any place into regions and define what should happen when you enter or leave them. Spoken alerts can be used by the visually impaired.


Automate & connect

Control Philips Hue and LIFX smartbulbs, your Tesla Model S vehicle, HomeKit accessories and home appliances using iTach infrared modules. You can also call IFTTT recipes and web services using HTTPS.


Create shortcuts

Besides automatic actions, you can also use voice commands and shortcuts that are shown on your notification center (today screen) or Apple Watch.



If your smart device is not directly supported, HomeKit, IFTTT and URL actions allow
you to connect and control virtually anything that supports HTTP or HTTPS.

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