The Jetsons
Science fiction movies, robots and electronics were few of the things that inspired me in my childhood, with computers coming along the way as a natural evolution from radio-controlled toys to professional tools.

Beecon started as an app for personal use, which allowed me to turn lights on and off every time I arrived somewhere. Coming from previous work experiences using location-based technologies and understanding their limitations, iBeacons felt like an universe of possibilites waiting to be discovered.

As interfaces move away from our eyes to become more transparent, invisible technologies around us begin to work by themselves, and it’s fundamentally important to understand the underlaying mechanisms that support a new kind of experience where there's no clear separation between traditional physical and digital channels.

With today's technology, we can design and experience some of the futuristic ideas that I used to watch on Super 8 (photo). Today, looking back at the same photo, I am in that place called "future".

Beecon is the brainchild of Ricardo Menezes, a digital creative director and experience designer based in Hong Kong. Know more about Ricardo's work at